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Corey Simon


Corey Simon is a United Methodist pastor in Martin and Shelbyville, Michigan. A self-esteemed public theologian he enjoys political theology, the outdoors, Ren fests, and other assorted geekery. Having earned his degrees from Grand Valley State University and Wesley Theological Seminary, he now lives in Michigan with his cats, Garth and Vader.

Listen to his sermons at Grace TAkls

The DD network


The Disruptive Disciples network unofficially began in the fall of 2016 when Corey Simon and some of his colleagues graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in DC and began their calling as United Methodist Ministers. Starting with Colloquy, Interrupted, the team began exploring new mediums and platforms as they worked to grow in their ministries.

Ethan Shearer


Ethan Shearer  is a United Methodist pastor from Pennsylvania, but please do not hold that against him.  He enjoys public theology, patristic thought, and heavy metal. He earned his bachelor's degree from Elizabethtown College and then spent the next four years at Wesley Theological Seminary where he received dual MDiv and MTS degrees. He lives within spitting distance of the church he serves along with his wife and daughter.

jo Schonewolf


 Jo Schonewolf is a United Methodist pastor in western North Carolina. She's into liturgy, theology, and space. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in physics and astronomy, she worked for a planetarium for a few years before moving to Scotland to earn a MSc in Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh. She then moved to DC to attend Wesley Theological Seminary, and with MDiv in hand, moved back home to North Carolina.

more to be announced


We're working on introducing more of our contributors.

More to be announced


We're working on introducing more of our contributors.